Le Secret de la Lance

Le Secret de la Lance

Facing the huge medieval rampart, follow this epic, fantastic tale of chivalry during the Hundred Years’ War.
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En famille
29 minutes

A medieval adventure on a grand scale! During the Hundred Years’ War, Jeanne d'Arc comes to meet the knight Fulgent, to gather all the best warriors ready to fight the English. After the knights' departure for Orléans, Marguerite, a young shepherdess, finds herself alone at the château. She will need to unveil the secret of a lance with amazing powers so she can protect the enchanted ramparts of the château in the midst of a battle. Follow the story of this brave and fearless character!

A dazzling epic

Medieval sword flights, surprising equestrian jousting, incredible scenes of acrobatics on horseback and some spectacular stunts... “Le Secret de la Lance” is without a doubt one of the most iconic shows at the Puy du Fou! Step into the 15th century and come and experience an original show, full of stunts and special effects! The immensity of the decor and the costumes of the Middle Ages will transport you straight into the Hundred Years’ War. Come and experience this vibrant adventure and give Marguerite your support in her fight to free her château!

The show is a technical masterpiece

For a full-blown immersion into the 15th century, the teams from Puy du Fou have designed some highly original techniques for their giant mobile sets! You’ll see the 60-metre-long rampart disappear before your eyes in just a few seconds, and the 100-tonne dungeon move as if by magic, to defend itself from the attackers (thanks to technology from the aeronautics industry).

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